Guardrail plate

Guardrail plate is a continuous structure with corrugated steel guardrail plates spliced with each other and supported by main columns. The guardrail plate has both flexible steel and strong ability of absorbing collision energy, good line of sight guidance function,

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Bridge guardrail

Problems in construction of bridge railings
1. During the construction of guardrail, the data of various facilities shall be accurately mastered, especially the exact location of various pipelines buried in the subgrade. No damage to underground facilities is allowed during the construction process.

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Traffic sign pole

Road traffic sign is a graphic symbol to display traffic laws and regulations and road information. It can make the traffic laws and regulations express vividly, concretely and concisely, and at the same time, it also expresses the contents that are difficult to describe in words.

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Guardrail net

Guardrail net is also known as "frame type anti climbing welded mesh net". It is a widely used guardrail net product with high cost performance and good anti climbing performance. It is suitable for long-distance and large-area sites and widely used on both sides of highways and railways. Its products have the advantages of beautiful environment, firm and durable, not easy to fade,

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Galvanized wire

Galvanized wire can be divided into hot galvanized wire and cold galvanized wire (galvanized wire). The difference is as follows: Hot dip galvanizing is a kind of hot-dip galvanizing process, which is characterized by fast production speed,

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Noise barrier

As the name suggests, sound barrier is to block external noise, it can block the introduction of noise, together with it is a kind of density precision goods. It relies on its own material skills to block the transmission of noise. To avoid noise disturbance, sound insulation is closely related to its material density.

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Stone cage net

Gabion net is a cage made of hexagonal net (hexagonal net) woven by one-way twisting of metal wire for two weeks. The thickness of gabion net is 0.15-0.5m (including 0.5m), also known as gabion and pad. Gabion net pad is divided into several cells by partition.

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Barbed wire

Application of barbed wire: PE, PVC coated barbed wire mesh is a kind of modern safety fence material and gas fabrication. PE and PVC plastic covered barbed rope can achieve good effect, prevent intruders, and the joint and cutting blade are installed on the top wall. Moreover,

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